Idiots graduates and 15 minutes of fame

New societal codes managed by the frustrated.

Have you noticed that for some time, small groups have decided to take the floor for their little fifteen minutes of glory. In some universities, banging on professors and disgusting them to leave has become a sport. It's who gets the most points. No need to learn, we've got the science right. All over the world, small groups allow themselves to challenge, to deny, to strike out parts of history which do not please, or words which only shock themselves.

A little exercise in neo-language

A lesbian feminist ho… what a bad word! I inadvertently come to offend a non-gendered group. Well, let's say Alice Coffin, a “non-gendered,” good once again I'm wrong, I'm stupid… Oops, excuse me, because in an article in a French newspaper *, according to P.É.TA , a group that is actively involved in the defense of animal rights, I just hurt our four-legged friends by writing that I am stupid. I start again, according to a non-gendered, we should exterminate part of the men of the planet *. Well, finally, I don't think I insulted anyone, since males are a scourge, especially if they are gendered and white. PETA and Alice coffin go on the news.

Don't say anymore pigheaded

All I hope is that in either case the rest of the earth may have received the memo. Imagine a farmer talking about his fat cow, in the future will we have to classify him as grossophobic ? The poor will no doubt want to lose weight to please her farmer. Now imagine saying what a pig's head. Can you imagine the pain you are doing to the animal? Plans that he commits suicide by deciding to go to the slaughterhouse. Yes, according to PETA, all the words relating to animals infringe their rights. In fact, if we think about it, the rights of these, are to die disembowelled and eaten. So for the sake of it, they probably shouldn't worry too much with words.

Mass extermination of men?

In the other case, I'm not sure I want to cooperate. I just found out that I am a man to be cut down. Yes, an assumed lesbian, comes in a book, urging her non-gendered to decimate some of these damned men, who for centuries debased women. Without wanting to add more, the SPVM has already tried the experience of an all-female group. To say the least, it was not a success. It seems that males do not have a monopoly on debasement.

And now our academics are forcing teachers to censor their classes.

The poor university professors, those who have to teach the youngest, the fundamentals, because that's where we form the elite. Now, these teachers, become suspect and unwanted, if they violate the neo-vision of the university world, built by a bunch of Mao's of rectitude. So, if by chance I have to describe a racialized person, according to the recommended code of non-gendered, I will have to navigate between the need to inform the one who asks me the question and not to hurt th nobody I'm talking about. So find the right word: this head is racialized, Haitian ... is beauelle. Good luck for th find.

And what about the child's non-choice of sex?

And what a great idea to say: my child will choose what he will be when he wants. For several million years, two sexes have emerged and this in a known universe. Who does not understand the principle? I do not take anything away from people who like people of the same sex, nor from those who change them. But why would we change the general idea of ​​two sexes. Can you be a homosexual man or woman. Can we change sex and assume the choice. So why impose on the child the task of choosing what will be later? In the meantime, he will have to sail in a disturbing blur, but mom and dad will be on TV to talk about it.

We're not going to hide it, the minority will never be the majority, so for this 15 minutes of fame, we will have the idea that the rest of the world will have to think like us.

* The New Republic February 5, 2121 - PETA
** Le Figaro October 7, 2020 - Alice Coffin

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After thirty years in the police force, Claude Aubin became an author. He has four books to his credit: La Main gauche du Diable (Intouchables), La Nuit des désillusions et Rônin (Libre Édition Claude Aubin), Le lansquenet solitaire (Text and Context). He also participated in Jules Falardeau's last book (The October Crisis, 50 years later, Éditions du Journal Claude Aubin also played small roles in certain films, wrote columns in the daily newspaper Photo Police, the Daily DixQuatre and now he publishes his columns and editorials for the Facebook group DERNIÈRE HEURE. He has also co-produced a few clips for TVBL, the television of the lower Laurentians. In addition, he has worked for the Ztélé channel (infiltration).

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